Outdoor intrusion alarm monitoring wireless security system

 technological innovation    |      2022-04-12

Outdoor intrusion alarm monitoring wireless security system

Introducing you the next generation outdoor intrusion security system can perfectly replace the traditional hardwired security system. The new system adopts a completely wireless and solar powered technology to eliminate trenching and wiring, the installation becomes far more easier than before. Undoubtedly, it’s a right system supports quick deployment and easy installation, which in turn, greatly reduce the budget of outdoor security system. So far, it has been successfully applied in both residential and commercial projects.

Photobeam detector guards your perimeter

Instead of interior alarm monitoring, we prefer to find measures to secure the perimeter of premises. This ensures the system can deter intruders before they enter into the house, also get notified when intrusion is attempted. Of course, you can secure both interior and exterior defense lines by using both outdoor and indoor security detectors. Exterior defense line is very important, our solar powered wireless photobeam detectors play this role. Simply placing them around the perimeter of your house, they’re able to prevent intruders from entering your yard, resort, house, warehouse, workshop, garate, farm, construction site.

Security system works in harsh weather

Intending to work under harsh weather condition, our solar powered photobeam detectors adopts IP65 rated waterproof design, features lighting-protection circuit design. Dual beam technology ensues the detector can accurately detecting motion by filtering false detection caused by animals, tree branches and leaves. Anti-white light enclosure design helps it work property during strong light condition. In addition to solar panel, it has rechargeable battery built-in to enable it work under rainy and cloudy days up to a month.

Wireless photobeam works with alarm panel

The wireless photobeam detector consists of one receiver and one transmitter. When they’re working, they form invisible fence. When the burglar tries to cross the fence, infrared ray will be interrupted, photobeam detector will send data to the alarm panel (or alarm receiver). At the mean time, the alarm panel will set off alarm and piezo siren will make painful warning sound as the audible alarm. Up to 5 different people can get notified by SMS/auto dialing phone call and push notification alerts.

Smart security system supports alexa echo

The alarm panel adopts 4.3” inch touchscreen design, supports both GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi/Internet communication. It offers both cellular and network transmission pathways, the redundant design not only provides you a great flexibility but also a high reliability. Based on IoT platform, it supports remote control anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, it works with Alexa echo, supports voice control through speaking with your smart speaker. All-in-one app, you can extend the system by adding smart sockets, Wi-Fi/ZigBee smoke detectors, smart home appliances, Zigbee gateway, smart lights to achieve a comprehensive automation.